Sound Laundry 2.0


Sound Laundry 2.0

A set of software modules intended for cleaning & mastering noisy recordings
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Sound Laundry™ is a set of high-end, easy-to-use software modules intended for cleaning and mastering noisy, scratchy recordings, especially old vinyl and 78's records, as well as types or cassettes. It is also an ideal toolset for forensic applications.
By using state-of-the-art algorithms based on the newest achievements in the field of psychoacoustics and digital signal processing, you can clean and enhance your noisy recordings, restoring them to CD suitable quality --even if you may have already tried other products that reached their limits. It's not enough to remove signal disturbances, but to do it without affecting the original sound is a real challenge.
The real-time performance allows easy parameter adjustment during playback, providing optimal sonic results in a very short time.
Sound Laundry™ is an ideal enhancement for any audio CD recording software. Any kind of contaminated or damaged audio material, from your favorite old 78rpm shellac records to valuable cassette recordings or video soundtracks --even bad quality radio cuts-- can be refreshed with the Sound Laundry™ processing modules.

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